Hello! I'm Paul Arkinstall, Arky to those that know me.
I've been taking photos for many years, starting out as a kid at racing tracks peering through the fences with a compact camera. Fast forward around 15 years or so when I broadened my horizons by taking pictures of subjects other than racing cars, whilst upgrading my kit to more conventional tools (DSLR etc.). I've enjoyed capturing some magical moments, telling stories of events and providing some cherished memories along the way.
I also believe there is something very special about printing photographs, and that passion combines into my day job...
As a Director at a Design & Print company my photography provides a release and decompression to the daily pressures of work and gives a good reason to get out in the great outdoors. This has increased my interest in exploring landscapes and seascapes, especially considering some of the places in my local area (Sussex, south coast of the UK).